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Posted by sato on 09.06.2013 at20:25:

  Extended C band (4.5-4.8 GHz)

It`s been 2 years when my friend Peon tried reception in the extended C band 4.5-4.8 GHz. Unfortunately he wasn`t lucky that time. After so many months he decided to give it a try today again and here come the results:

Arabsat 5A @ 30.5°E (locked on the following frequencies):
4556 RHCP, SR 1000,FEC 1/4, QPSK
4672 RHCP, SR 12000, FEC 3/4, 8PSK
4714 RHCP, SR 4860, FEC 5/6, QPSK
4720 RHCP, SR 4860, FEC 5/6, QPSK

Insat 3C @ 74.0°E
4743 H - 1-2 dB is needed to get lock

Unfortunately, Peon's 2.5m PF dish doesn't seem to be big enough at the moment to get Insat beam, as ca. a 2.7m dish is needed to get at least 1 transponder locked. The good news is that there is a 3.7m dish ready to be installed later this year in Peon's garden, so hopefully this will help to get more transponders from Insat 3C.

Posted by hvdh on 09.06.2013 at20:45:

  RE: Extended C band (4.5-4.8 GHz)

Welche programme laufen eigentlich auf Arabsat 5A in extended C-band?

Posted by trust on 09.06.2013 at22:32:

  RE: Extended C band (4.5-4.8 GHz)

Schöne lösung , die KU/C wechseler .

Posted by sato on 09.06.2013 at22:34:

  RE: Extended C band (4.5-4.8 GHz)

Originally posted by hvdh
Welche programme laufen eigentlich auf Arabsat 5A in extended C-band?

Well I completely forgot to mension that information in my report.
There is data transmission on all transponders.

If it comes to Insat, there was regular transmission of Doordarshan TV stations reported by I Perera from Sri Lanka 2 years ago. Unfortunately there hasn`t been any update from that area since. The 2.5m dish is simply too small to pick and lock the signal, so Peon has to set up his new 3.7m dish. Unfortunately it cannot be done from 1 day to another....

Posted by sato on 14.05.2014 at20:44:


SES 6 @ 40.5W

4553 RHCP Blomberg Latin America, SR 6667, FEC 3/4,DVB-S, QPSK, MPEG-2, V 1260, A 1120 en/1121 AC3 eng, clear

4641 LHCP - ca. 2dB under the lock threshold (possible reception with 3m+ dish)

Peon used his Norsat 8115IF LNB to get the results above even his 2.5m dish is not big enough for the second frequency. Well, the time to set up his 3.7m PF dish is coming...

Anyway, the Norsat 8115 IF is not the only one lnb that we currently have for this band. There are also 3 pieces of RSC 2245-IND lnbs that will be later use for some tests.

What`s more, I`d like to point out to one very interesting lnb. Superior Satellite from Montana, USA sells their 8000RI DRO LNB that covers 3.625-4.8 GHz band. LO stability at 5.75 Ghz is ±500 kHz and noise temperature 20K (identical to Norsat 8520). The price is unknown to me yet as Peon has his 8115 IF lnb that is probably the best lnb on the market for a reasonable price. Of course there would be some interest, but even if the LNB is very impressive, it can not receive full C band. It would be impossible to get frequencies as low as 3.4 GHz because every receiver has tuner that works to 2150 Mhz only.

5750-3400=2350 MHz


Posted by satdxer on 14.05.2014 at21:34:


Daumen hoch

Thank You for the very interesting infos.


Posted by Eric12 on 14.05.2014 at21:53:

  RE: Extended C band (4.5-4.8 GHz)

Hi sato,

thank you very much! Daumen hoch
May be the Kathrein UWS 78/79 converter (IF 950 - 3000 MHz) works fine with the 8000RI DRO LNB. Zwinkern

Best regards



Posted by paulvr on 04.10.2014 at21:39:


I guess the waiting is for a dual C-Band LNB just like we use dual Ku-Band LNB's. Only that way we can cover the entire range from 3400 or 3500 MHz all the way up to these high frequencies. An LNB that will give some high frequency broadcasts at the cost of loosing anything under 3625 MHz really doesn't help most DX-ers.

Posted by Eric12 on 07.12.2014 at19:58:

  RE: Extended C band (4.5-4.8 GHz)


mit dem handelsüblichen PLL LNB von Ponny und der TBS-6983 PCIe Karte wurden einige Datenkanäle ohne Lock auf 30,5° Ost gefunden. Zwinkern

Viele Grüße



Posted by sato on 13.12.2014 at16:22:

  Arabsat 5A @ 30.5E

It looks like they use different data transponders time by time. Peon`s made another scan of this satellite, but there are no significant changes. Still only data transmissions.
By the way if you mentioned your PLL lnb, it would be worthy to share a few pictures. I & Peon prefer to use an excellent Norsat 8x15 DRO series.....